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Are your buckets food safe?

No, our buckets are not food safe.


Are your buckets dishwasher safe?

Blank buckets are, but decorated buckets are not dishwasher safe.


How should I clean these buckets?

TO CLEAN USE WATER ONLY. Do not use soaps nor all purpose cleaners, these products may contain ammonia, strong solvents, and other harsh chemicals that could damage the decal material and print. Wipe with a soft damp cloth and then dry with another soft cloth. Do not use coarse or abrasive cloths or materials as they may leave scratches that cannot be removed or peal off the decal. Always clean decals from center outwards to prevent from pealing off the edges.


Are your buckets rust proof?

Yes, these buckets are rust proof (galvanized metal). The buckets won't rust, but over time galvanization itself can rust. This will be a white rust instead of a typical red rust.


What is your decorating method?

We decorate our buckets with a CMYK + White digitally printed, commercial grade, 2 mil thick clear vinyl decal. The vinyl decal has a very aggressive permanent adhesive, the vinyl is weather proofed, UV coated, and die-cut to bucket contour.


Do you offer PMS color match?

No, the limitation of CMYK printing is that color results can vary, depending on the particular color you are trying to print. There are also colors that cannot be reproduced such as metallic and very bright colors.
Color fidelity warranted by Promo Buckets is consistent with industry standards for "pleasing color."


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